“More Than A Brand”

OPW (Oso Phat Clothing) “More Than A Brand”. We strive to keep going no matter what type of negativity is going on in the world today. We also believe in getting money at a young age will keep you on pace to being successful!

  • 7447

    My little brother’s angel numbers are 7447. Born April 7th, 2004, passed July 4th, 2021. One of the most traumatic tragedies that could happen to a family these days, but we will continue to keep everything positive, keep everything flowing, knowing Phat is looking down on us. One Team, One Family. OPW

  • O P W

    Originated 2 months after Miquarious Alexander passed, Me, Mikeion Jackson created a logo from scratch that mean so much i couldn’t even explain it to outsiders. (Oso Phat World) clothing is becoming one of the most popular local street wear brands in the DFW and we continue to keep going and keep growing!

  • Goals

    We’re hoping to make a change by staying in our lane. OPW is apart of all of us now and we tend to keep it and make it bigger as we go. Forever with Us